February 10

FireFox/Flock “Clip To OneNote” Extension updated on AdminID.com

Upgrading to FireFox causes the “Clip to OneNote” Extension to stop working.

I tried to contact GmxLee about it last Friday when I first became aware of it (Tablet PC Buzz Forum), but have not heard back yet.

Since I’ve had multiple comments and email since then… I’ve taken the liberty of updating the copy that I host. It won’t auto-update since the UpdateURL points to his site, but you can re-install it after upgrading FireFox to (or any version below that).

Modified Install on AdminID.com…  http://adminid.com/powertoys/GmxLee/clipnote.xpi

  • Note: Only the install.rdf line for “MaxVersion = 1.5+” for FireFox and Flock is modified.
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Posted February 10, 2006 by AdminID in category Browser

14 thoughts on “FireFox/Flock “Clip To OneNote” Extension updated on AdminID.com

  1. Jose

    Hi, thank you for the Firefox-to-Onenote extension update. It’s what I’ve been looking for since Firefox got updated to However, I’ve got a question. How do I install it? When I click on the link, Firefox wants to download it (i.e. save it or open it) instead of installing it. What should I do in order to get Firefox treat it as an extension?

  2. Jose

    I just found out how to install it. Please disregard my previous comment. For those who might have the same problem I had, the solution is very simple: click on the update above, select “Open with” and then choose open it with Firefox.exe. The Firefox-to-Onenote extension installs and works quite well.

  3. tokyojerry

    We’re now at Firefox v1.5.0.6. What’s the current status of this extension, Clip to OneNote, for Firefox? Will it work in v1.5.0.6?

    BTW, when I click on the link above, all I get is a browser screen filled with garbled characters. So, this link seems to not even install.

  4. adminid (Post author)

    Yes it will work with v1.5.0.6.

    To install.. “Save Link as” to your hard drive, then “Open with” firefox.exe

    I have not heard from Gmx Lee (the developer) in a while, so I do not know what the status/plans are for updates.


  5. Kussekurt

    Anyways to update install.rdf files in firefox extensions you can open the .xpi file(which is an archive) in winrar or winzip and open the install.rdf file with notepad inside the archive(dont extract the archive as this will give you a error line when installing to firefox later on). Change the maxversion value to whatever is applicable at the moment. For the current firefox version value “2.1″ is working fine. Find this string:


    And change the value. Close notepad and when prompted save when prompted by winrar or other extraction program if you want to update the archive select yes. Then drag the xpi file to firefox. voila!

    i don´t know if this is working for all firefox extensions but i think it does. Try it out.

  6. Amy


    Hi, different issue with clipnote: is there anyway to set which page clipnote sends clips to? Unfortunately, the current extension makes a completely new sidenote for every single clipping —
    in one session on the internet, I end up with at least dozens of open sidenotes … kind of undermines the utility as a research tool, that you can’t group all your work in one session together.

    Being able to default to one page instead of opening a new page for each clip would be far more useful, if you know of a way to tweak this.


  7. Greg

    I am too stupid to figure out how to edit this file. Can somebody please please please just make it work on FF 2.0 and post the file so idiots like me can install it.

    It is quite obvious the original author is MIA for quite a while now.

  8. Greg

    Thank you very much Erik.

    You saved this Idiot lots of headache and shortened my web clipping time also!

  9. Dan

    I have not installed clipnote.xpi on an earlier version of FireFox. I’m using FireFox for the first time (2.0). I have the updated .rdf file and clipnote.xpi, but I don’t know how to get them installed, or how to use the rdf file. Clipnote.xpi won’t install in FireFox 2.0. I’ve followed all the instructions above but I’m not having much success. Can anyone walk me through it? Thanks.

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