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FireFox/Flock “Clip to OneNote”

The official “Clip to OneNote” extension has been mentioned on a few blogs lately, but has yet to updated by Gmx Lee for FireFox 1.5+. So here is a repost of the modified install I created a while back. I installed it in FF (and 2007 Beta2) successfully today, but have not retested with Flock.
Modified Install on…

  • Note: Only the install.rdf line for “MaxVersion = 1.5+” for FireFox and Flock is modified.
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Posted September 1, 2006 by AdminID in category Browser

6 thoughts on “FireFox/Flock “Clip to OneNote”

  1. Matt

    Does anyone know if a Firefox 2 compatible version of this is in the works? It refuses to install.


  2. Matt

    Maybe this isn’t such an issue. I’ve updated the install.rdf line to “MaxVersion = 2.0 ” and it doesn’t seem to be complaining.


  3. Kussekurt

    Anyways to update install.rdf files in firefox extensions you can open the .xpi file(which is an archive) in winrar or winzip and open the install.rdf file with notepad inside the archive(dont extract the archive as this will give you a error line when installing to firefox later on). Change the maxversion value to whatever is applicable at the moment. For the current firefox version value “2.1” is working fine. Find this string:


    And change the value. Close notepad and when prompted save when prompted by winrar or other extraction program if you want to update the archive select yes. Then drag the xpi file to firefox. voila!

    i don´t know if this is working for all firefox extensions but i think it does. Try it out.

  4. Amy

    please, anyone, a way to update this extension so that it doesn’t open up a new sidenote for each clipping? having to rename that many sidenotes (there doesn’t seem to be a way to merge them in on 2007) makes this extension and ON 2007 virtually useless, and I’d really love to be able to use it with Firefox.

    I had no problem updating it to work with the latest versions of firefox but my amateur attempts at coding to send the clippings to a single page failed to do anything but break the extension completely.

    Please feel free to write me at amysemail @ gmail DOT com with any suggestions.

    Many thanks!

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