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Clip to OneNote 3.2.1

OneNote 2007

OneNote 2010

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Clip to OneNote is a free Firefox/Thunderbird add-on which helps to send text, pictures and other data to Microsoft Office OneNote with a single click.

Microsoft Office OneNote, is a software package for free-form information gathering. Firefox add-on for collecting data to OneNote (similar to that of IE) is missing, which is a handicap for IE users who want to switch to Firefox. Hence this add on tries to over come this and there by gives Firefox more flexibility and OneNote users an enriched experience with Firefox.

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Don’t forget to set the path to your OneNote executable in the FF Add-On Options…


Clip to OneNote 2.2


Send text, pictures to Microsoft Office OneNote with a single click.

You can collect data while browsing by selecting the part and clicking the "Clip to

Onenote" option which is available in three places. First at your right click context menu, second in the edit menu. Third is optional and can be added to the tool bar as an icon. By default it is not visible, but you can make it visible by right clicking on the menu bar, chose customize and then click and drag the "Clip to Onenote" icon to the desired location in your tool bar.
As per user request, shortcut key is added in version 2.0 to access easily. Two shortcuts are available. First one is Alt+Ctrl+L or you can access from edit menu by pressing Alt+E and when edit menu pops out Press L


AdminID Note: It also works in Thunderbird!

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OneNote Web Exporter

Dave Tse has created a really cool OneNote Web Exporter and released it via CodePlex (MS Open Source)…

What is this for?
The OneNote Web Exporter allows you to export a OneNote notebook as html files that anybody can view through a web browser.

How does it work?
You give it a OneNote 2007 Notebook and it will generate an html page and a folder containing all of the notebook data.
What can I do with it?

  • Export a notebook when you need to send it to somebody who doesn’t have OneNote 2007
  • Maintain a browser accessible version of your notebook by scheduling a daily export to a SharePoint server


Updated: “Clip to OneNote” Firefox Extension

Patrick Schmid has updated Gmx Lee’s “Clip To OneNote” FireFox Extension. [via Escapa]

Patrick’s post and updated .xpi file (up to v3).

Gmx Lee’s OneNote page with instructions.
I’ve also updated the copy hosted on

FireFox/Flock “Clip to OneNote”

The official “Clip to OneNote” extension has been mentioned on a few blogs lately, but has yet to updated by Gmx Lee for FireFox 1.5+. So here is a repost of the modified install I created a while back. I installed it in FF (and 2007 Beta2) successfully today, but have not retested with Flock.
Modified Install on…

  • Note: Only the install.rdf line for “MaxVersion = 1.5+” for FireFox and Flock is modified.

OneSnap preview

OneSnap is used to import web pages from IE (as a “screen capture”) to OneNote.

The cool thing is that you get can import into any section in your OneNote notebook.

See the preview for a screenshot of the dialog box you get when you click on the the OneSnap button in IE.

Link to preview of OneSnap PowerToy.

Note: “It actually was one of the winners of the Microsoft OneNote PowerToy Contest…”

FireFox/Flock “Clip To OneNote” Extension updated on

Upgrading to FireFox causes the “Clip to OneNote” Extension to stop working.

I tried to contact GmxLee about it last Friday when I first became aware of it (Tablet PC Buzz Forum), but have not heard back yet.

Since I’ve had multiple comments and email since then… I’ve taken the liberty of updating the copy that I host. It won’t auto-update since the UpdateURL points to his site, but you can re-install it after upgrading FireFox to (or any version below that).

Modified Install on…

  • Note: Only the install.rdf line for “MaxVersion = 1.5+” for FireFox and Flock is modified.

Flock to OneNote

GmxLee has modified his FireFox OneNote Extension to install in Flock.

I’ve tested it with 4.10 and an hourly build of 4.11 with no issues.

Link: FireFox OneNote Extension (on with permission)

Note: Go to the extension Options and set your onenote.exe path after install.

Author: GmxLee

Official Site and more info:

FireFox OneNote PowerToy

(1) How to config this extension?

After installation of this extension, please restart firefox. then goto Tools/Extenstions to config the path of “OneNote.exe”. That’s all.

(2) How to use this extension ?

Method one : Select the content which you want send to OneNote, rightclick , choose “Clip to OneNote” from context menu.

Method two : Select the content which you want send to OneNote, choose Tools/”Clip to OneNote” from firefox main menu.

DOWNLOAD HERE: FireFox OneNote PowerToy

Note: Gmx Lee is having stability problems with FreeWebs and has asked me to host a copy for download.

Author: Gmx Lee
official link and more info: FireFox OneNote PowerToy


Use the Send to OneNote from Internet Explorer PowerToy to send the contents of a Web page from Internet Explorer to a new page in OneNote 2003 SP1 with the click of a button.

link: IE2Onenote

Author: Microsoft employee (David Rasmussen)