January 22

Clip to OneNote 3.2.1

OneNote 2007

OneNote 2010

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via madharasan.com

Clip to OneNote is a free Firefox/Thunderbird add-on which helps to send text, pictures and other data to Microsoft Office OneNote with a single click.

Microsoft Office OneNote, is a software package for free-form information gathering. Firefox add-on for collecting data to OneNote (similar to that of IE) is missing, which is a handicap for IE users who want to switch to Firefox. Hence this add on tries to over come this and there by gives Firefox more flexibility and OneNote users an enriched experience with Firefox.

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Don’t forget to set the path to your OneNote executable in the FF Add-On Options…


July 31

SnagIt Output for OneNote 2007!

SnagIt Output for OneNote 2007 has entered my Top 3 favorite PowerToys.

From Kathy’s blog

The new accessory lets you send almost any snag to OneNote directly from the SnagIt preview. By default, the snags go to your cursor location. But you can easily change the output location to any page in any section in any open notebook or to any page in your unfiled notes. If you want, you can even have SnagIt create a page in a section and put the output there. (New pages get the title “Snag” followed by a sequence number.) You can change the default from your cursor location to any of the other locations as well. (What’s a Snag? That’s a screen shot you take with SnagIt!)

I have been testing it out and have found a lot of great uses for it. For example:

  • I hate that there has been no easy way to get long/wide pages to my notes. Now I can set up a Snag to grab the scrolling page, then send that straight to the page in my notes that I want.
  • I can annotate my screen captures and then send them to OneNote. Since the OneNote clipping tool doesn’t let me do annotations, this is a biggie for me. I hate that when I annotate a capture in OneNote, the annotations don’t move with the capture if I drag the capture. By using Snagit, I can capture my content, annotate it, and then send it to OneNote. Really slick.
  • I want to capture specific objects from PPT or a web page and drop them in OneNote. I can copy and paste, but I have to hope that the person who created the object did it right in order to always get what I want. Now, I can snag the object and send the object to my notes.

SnagIt to OneNote

June 21

Matlab to OneNote

Stephen Lawrence shared with Dan Escapa how to export via a script from MatLab to OneNote…

I took your Send file to OneNote powertoy code and adapted it for Matlab. I have attached my code below so that you can get an idea of how it works.

I had to switch from creating Matlab XML to Matlab HTML…the result works well. All I had to do to publish my file in OneNote was type:


in the command window.I got the resulting page:


You can download the source for this by downloading it here: Matlab2OneNote.

January 9

Do you use Windows Clippings? Vote to keep OneNote Support

Update: Kenny will support OneNote 2007. He will release the new version of Windows Clipping in a few days, then release one with OneNote 2007 in the future.

Kenny Kerr is trying to figure out if he should add OneNote 2007 support to his Windows Clippings powertoy/utility or just drop the OneNote feature in the 2.0 release.

Leave a comment on his post if you think it is a valuable feature.

October 23

Window Clippings v1.2 = Full Vista Support

Kenny Kerr has updated his “Window Clippings” utility for full support of Vista (as well as XP and 2003, including x64) and to fix a few bugs.

For those who didn’t try the previous versions, it is a powerful “Screen Capture” or “Print Screen” utility with many options, including capturing “skins”, changing the background, BMP/JPEG/PNG/TIFF, Send To -> OneNote/Clipboard/History, and more. Previous coverage here (v1.1) and here (v1.0).

May 18

Window Clippings v1.1

Kenny Kerr has updated his Window Clippings PowerToy with a few new features…

  • Hot Key Support (can use PrintScreen Key)
  • TIFF Image Support
  • Option to Prompt for Storage Location
  • Windows Vista
    • Window Clippings takes advantage of window region information that the window manager tags onto themed windows as well as region information that particular windows may define explicitly. This worked great for creating window clippings of windows using the Windows XP class of themes but it doesn’t work for Windows Vista since windows are composited off-screen by the new desktop window manager using DirectX to create the effect of rounded corners, glass, etc.
    • Anyway, Window Clippings 1.1 provides support for creating window clippings on Windows Vista and accurately captures the logical window regions that are rendered on-screen.
    • Firstly, it correctly draws the background for the corners (either transparently or using the background color). Secondly, it provides the option of clearing the window background to avoid the effect of “dirty glass”.

More info and download of Window Clippings v1.1

December 27

Cropper to OneNote (also to Flikr and TinyPic)

“Plugins for Brian‘s Cropper screenshot tool. For a while I was using the built in capture tool that comes with OneNote since I am a heavy OneNote user, however, since I upgraded to dual monitors, it’s fairly sluggish. It works fine, just a little sluggish for when I want to take quick shots and am not interested in journaling about them in OneNote (it automatically creates a Side Note entry with the capture).”

link: Cropper to OneNote (also to Flikr and TinyPic) [updated link per Patrick’s Comment]
Author: Patrick Altman

December 27

Window Clippings 1.0

Here is a quick list of features you might be interested in:

Send window clippings to OneNote section of your choice
Copy window clippings to the Clipboard
Send window clippings to a history folder on disk
Specify background color for non-transparent images
Support for BMP, JPEG and PNG formats.
PNG and images sent to OneNote provide transparency
Support for multiple-monitor configurations

Other release notes:

Works on all editions of Windows XP (Home, Pro, Tablet, MCE) and Window Server 2003, including x64 editions.
Written completely in native code so nothing but the EXE is required.
Support for Windows 2000 may be provided based on demand.
All display monitors must be configured for 32-bit color quality to create window clippings. This does imply that, although Window Clippings runs in a Terminal Services session, you will not be able to create a window clipping since Terminal Services does not support 32-bit color. Support for lower color displays is being considered for a future release.

link: Window Clippings 1.0

Author: Kenny Kerr